Traffic Shifts and Alternating Lane Closures on Bridge

As TxDOT prepares the work zone for Phase 1 commuters can expect traffic shifts and alternating lane closures. On the Clear Creek Channel Bridge, traffic will shift to the west with two lanes maintained in each direction separated by barriers. The connector ramp to Shipyard Drive (on the east side of the bridge will be close. The outside lane on SH 146 northbound from NASA to Respsdorph will be closed for final demolition and right-of-way clearing operations. The south u-turn/access road will close and 3rd, 4th and 5th streets will no longer be accessible from this access road.

Boat Ramps Closed

The Seabrook and Kemah boat ramps under the existing Clear Creek bridge will be fully closed beginning on February 13, 2019.  Additionally, the parking lots immediately adjacent to these boat ramps will be closed on February 13, 2019. Currently there is no plan to re-open these boat ramps as part of the SH146 project.  TxDOT and local agencies are evaluating alternative boat ramp locations.