Let The Construction Begin...

On Wednesday, February 13th, TxDOT broke ground below the Clear Creek Channel bridge to represent the official beginning of the SH146 expansion project. With the presence of several surrounding City Officials, County Officials and State Officials, we are excited to finally get started. Seabrook’s Mayor, Thom Kolupski, said “We are excited to see it finish, but we’re more excited to see it begin” because after all, we can’t finish something if we never get started…


TxDOT to Let Project

Today, May 2, 2018, TxDOT will “let” the SH 146 Expansion Project and you may be wondering what that means exactly so we thought we would explain this process. Before a project can be bid on by a business, TxDOT must “let it”, or make it available for bidding. The letting and bidding process with TxDOT allows the agency to get the most competitive pricing on a project and allows multiple businesses to compete for business with TxDOT.

TxDOT builds and maintains thousands of miles of roadway annually and depends on the business community to complete these projects. TxDOT will be acquiring bids from a variety of project management firms who be hired to manage and execute the entire project including utility relocation and road construction.

After today’s “letting” the bids will be evaluated and the construction contract will then be awarded within the next few months and once the contract is awarded the SH 146 Expansion Project will begin.

For more information on the TxDOT Letting Schedule click here and view Project CCSH: 0389-05-116.