SH 146 Expansion Project right-of-way acquisitions to begin

On Tuesday, December 15, 2015, members from Seabrook City Council, the Planning and Zoning Commission, the Economic Development Corporation and city staff met with the Texas Department of Transportation and other organizations regarding the expansion of State Highway 146. During the meeting, TxDOT informed the City of Seabrook that property appraisals and right-of-way acquisitions on any properties and businesses that will be directly impacted by the expansion of the highway would now begin.

Over the next several months TxDOT will:

  • Review property titles for acquisition

  • Conduct property appraisals

  • Negotiate with property owners
    Please note that property acquisition and relocation negotiations must be provided by an approved TxDOT representative.  If an individual or business that claims they can negotiate your settlement with TxDOT approaches you please contact TxDOT directly to ensure it is not a scam.

  • Business relocation

  • Property demolition

  • Letting of expansion project (expected to begin Summer 2018)

  • Construction (expected to begin Fall 2018)

Right-of-way acquisition negotiations between Union Pacific and TxDOT are ongoing.

The City of Seabrook can assist any business that wishes to relocate within the City of Seabrook. If your business will be impacted by the expansion project please contact the City of Seabrook Economic Development Director, Paul Chavez, to discuss your relocation options by calling (281) 291-5730 or emailing

If you have questions regarding the expansion project you are encouraged to contact the TxDOT Public Information Office by calling (713) 802-5076 or by emailing

The City of Seabrook will continue to post project updates to our website at