Prepare for Traffic Shifts and
Alternating Lane Closures on the
Clear Creek Channel Bridge


The information below is provided by TxDOT and is subject to change at any time at their discretion:


  • Traffic shift on the existing SH146 bridge over Clear Creek Channel

    Concrete barriers will be placed on the bridge and the bridge will be re-striped to shift traffic to the west.  Two lanes will be maintained in each direction.  This traffic shift will create a work zone on the east edge of the bridge which will be used for widening (adding 1 new lane and 1 bicycle lane).

    • The barrier placement and striping will take place on the nights of 3/4/19 through 3/7/19, weather depending, from 9:00 pm - 5:00 am each night. During this time, there will be alternating lane closures on the bridge.

    • The barriers will remain in place until the northbound bridge widening is complete in approximately 15 months.


  • The connector ramp to Shipyard Drive (on the east side of the bridge) will be closed until completion of the northbound bridge widening.


  • The outside lane on SH146 northbound from NASA Road 1 to Repsdorph Road will be closed during the day shifts of 3/4/19 through 3/7/19, from 9:00am to 3:00pm each day. This closure is to create a work zone for demolition/right-of-way clearing operations.


  • The south U-turn/access road will be fully closed beginning on 3/4/19 at 9:00pm.  3rd Street, 4th Street, and 5th Street will no longer be accessible from this access road during this closure.  To reach 3rd Street, 4th Street, and 5th Street, traffic will turn east on 6th Street, then immediately turn north onto Texas Avenue.  This closure is necessary for the northbound bridge widening, for utility work, and to reconstruct the access road.  The closure will remain in place until the northbound bridge widening is complete in approximately 15 months.


  • The Seabrook and Kemah boat ramps under the existing Clear Creek bridge will be fully closed beginning on 2/13/19.  Additionally, the parking lots immediately adjacent to these boat ramps will be closed on 2/13/19. Currently there is no plan to re-open these boat ramps as part of the SH146 project.  TxDOT and local agencies are evaluating alternative boat ramp locations.

For real time lane-closure and traffic updates, visit Houston TranStar or download their app from the App Store or Google Play.

This site is your information source for project and construction updates. While the website is maintained by the City of Seabrook, the expansion project is managed by TxDOT and their team.


What to expect and when…


Many may wonder “if” and “when” actual construction will begin, so let us break it down for you. The current schedule is as follows:

  • Right-of-Way Acquisition and Demolition is Ongoing
    TxDOT began acquiring properties in January 2016 and as properties are acquired and vacated TxDOT will schedule demolitions. This is a long process but is nearing the end.

  • Utility Relocations is Ongoing
    A variety of utilities and pipelines must be relocated as the project progresses. Utility relocation began in November 2018.

  • Construction Phase 1 - Construction will begin on February 13, 2019
    This phase will widen the existing northbound Clear Creek bridge and build a new northbound frontage road in Seabrook (18 months duration*)

  • Construction Phase 2 - Slated to begin upon completion of Phase 1
    This phase will widen the existing southbound Clear Creek bridge, build a new southbound frontage road, and build the majority of the new express bridge (24 months duration*)

  • Construction Phase 3

    This phase will reconstruct and elevate the existing SH146 mainlines and build a new northbound front road in Kemah (12 months duration*)

  • Construction Phase 4

    Finish the new express bridge, finish the southbound frontage road in Kemah (6 months duration*)

*Phase durations are per designer estimations and are subject to change during construction.

Phase 1 and 2 will be expanded upon further once construction has begun. Please check our Recent Updates page for the most current information.


TxDOT & Their Teams


The SH 146 Expansion is a project overseen and managed by the Houston District of Texas Department of Transportation. TxDOT let the project in May 2018 and later awarded construction, engineering and inspection services to RS&H and awarded the construction contract to Webber. Both organizations have teamed up with TxDOT on several projects over the years.


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